Kommunitas is super excited and proud to announce a Strategic Partnership with Fabwelt. Kommunitas will provide invaluable strategic advice and guidance, along with expansive network and resources, accelerating Fabweltโ€™s path to success.
This outstanding collaboration enhances Fabwelt in strengthening the core aspects of developing the community, knowledge-sharing, diversified marketing, and technical adaptability. The fundraising structure of Kommunitas enables early-stage projects with a strong motivation boost to decorate success in upcoming paths. Fabwelt takes this opportunity to shine and maintain the upward journey to become one of the endeavors in the blockchain-based Gaming Industry.
โ€œFabwelt is changing the game of FPS and bringing it to another level for Blockchain gamers.โ€
- Robbie Jeo, CEO, Kommunitas
FABWELT creates a gaming platform that brings blockchain technology into the core of high quality games of all types or genres. We achieve this by utilizing the finest tech of both worlds, beautiful high-quality games and the latest blockchain technology.

About Fabwelt

Fabwelt is a revolutionary concept that brings blockchain technology into the core of high-quality games of all types or genres. We aim to develop an ecosystem that can connect and interconnect everyone, everywhere, all over the globe with the power of art and gameplay.
Learn more about Fabwelt by visiting their website fabwelt.com or ask questions on their community channels like Discord or Telegram. Follow them on Twitter for the latest news.
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