IKO with Spume Protocol

🥳 Kommunitas is honored to launch our Priority IKO with Spume Protocol!

About Spume Protocol

Spume Protocol — Simple NFT creation and distribution infrastructure for individuals and businesses. The Spume Protocol is an end-to-end transactional layer that facilitates payment infrastructure for physical and digital non-fungible token assets on the Ethereum blockchain. The Spume Protocol will enable anyone to build branded and personalized NFT storefronts complete with on-chain payment processors while being able to tokenize both physical and digital assets. These can include but are not limited to: digital/physical art and real estate, intellectual property and its licensing, patents, and luxury goods. This opens the Spume Protocol up to all specific industries and allows users to conduct tokenized asset finance efficiently and efficiently.
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IKO Details

Last Staking Date: 13th August 2022, 3 AM UTC

Booster 1

Start: 13th August 2022, 9 AM UTC
End: 13th August 2022, 1 PM UTC
Price: $0.4

Booster 2

Start: 13th August 2022, 1 PM UTC
End: 13th August 2022, 5 PM UTC
Price: $0.4

FCFS Round

Start: 13th August 2022, 5 PM UTC
End: 13th August 2022, 9 PM UTC
Price: $0.4 (+5% non-refundable fee)
Min Buy / Max Buy: TBD 1 hour before FCFS starts

Community Round (if there are unsold tokens from FCFS)

Price: $0.4 (+10% non-refundable fee)
Start: 13th August 2022, 9 PM UTC
End: Until sold out

Token Details

Token Type: ETH
Token Symbol: SPUME
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Initial Market Cap: $5,425,000
Contract Address: TBA
Vesting: 50% at TGE then 50% over 20 days post TGE
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