Private Partners Group
Hi, $KOMmunity!
Kommunitas Launchpad is approximately 70% in the making. We expected our Launchpad to be fully functioning in 2-3 weeks time. We really apologize for the delay and grateful for your infinite support. 💙
Meanwhile, to give our KOM token holder a benefit and advantages, we will share the allocation of Seed / Private Round Sale in the new Private Partners Group! We did that for ShoeFy, and Monopolist project!
You can join our Private Partners Group by staking at least 250,000 (500,000 from december onwards) (approx. $220 by the time of this writing) and in and talk to @komelitebot in the telegram.
Please note that the condition of 250,000 KOM staked is subject to change in the future.
Last modified 25d ago
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