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IKO with BWE Corporation

Kommunitas Priority Project Upcoming IKO Sales — Blockchain With Environment

Hello there, KOMmunity! Get ready to be blown away by some incredible news! We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the upcoming Kommunitas Priority Project. If you’re new here, no need to fret — just click on this link to learn everything you need to know about our Priority Projects. Buckle up, because our next big venture, Blockchain With Environment, is about to take you on a whirlwind of excitement and adventure!

Overview of Blockchain With Environment

Blockchain With Environment (BWE) Foundation aims to increase people’s understanding and interest in the natural ecosystem, environment through nature-themed games. We have 3 different phases dealing with 3 different nature themes with each of 3 game products. Phase1 — Underwater — Metaqua Phase2 — sky — Cloudy Phase3 — Forest — Greenland The development team from a major web2 game company in Korea has completed the first game product and is developing the second game.

Some of the $BWE token utilities include:

1. Utility Token for Games by Theme:
  • Themes like underwater, sky, and forest serve as goods, fees, and rewards in play-to-earn (P2E) games.
2. Utility Token of NFT Ecosystem by Theme:
  • Each theme (fish, birds, animals, and plants) utilizes tokens as fees and rewards for issuing and exchanging NFTs within that theme.
3. Utility Token of BWE Integrated Platform:
  • Serves as common good across the integrated platform.
  • Used for fees related to NFT registration and participation in metaverse content.
  • Functions as transaction units and fees within NFT marketplaces.
4. Governance Token:
  • Empowers the DAO community for decision-making through voting.
  • Shapes the direction of the BWE platform and its services.
You can learn more about Blockchain With Environment by checking out their whitepaper. More details, insights, and activities will be shared across both Kommunitas and Blockchain With Environment channels or discord.


Blockchain With Environment TOKEN SALE DETAILS

Let’s dive into the specifics of the Blockchain With Environment IKO schedule on Kommunitas:

Booster 1 Round — September 15th, 2023 at 9 AM UTC — 5 PM UTC

  • Participation is exclusive to voters and whitelisted addresses only.
  • Ensure you have KOMV tokens to cast your vote. A guide here is available here to assist you in acquiring $KOMV tokens.
  • Your allocation in Booster 1 is directly proportional to the amount of KOM tokens you staked — the more you stake, the higher the allocation.
  • This is guaranteed allocation rounds, you don’t have to rush. You’ll have ample time to purchase your allocation.

Booster 2 Round — September 15th, 5 PM UTC — September 16th, 1 AM UTC

  • Only voters (excluding those on the white list) are eligible for this phase.
  • The allocation for Booster 2 is determined by the leftover tokens from Booster 1 that were not sold.
  • This is guaranteed allocation rounds, you don’t have to rush. You’ll have ample time to purchase your allocation.

Booster 3 Round (FCFS Round) — September 16th, 1AM UTC — 9 AM UTC:

  • The round is accessible to all participants who’ve staked a minimum of 100 $KOM.
  • The process operates on a ‘First-Come, First-Served’ basis.
  • The minimum and maximum ticket size will be calculated once the Booster 2 rounds have concluded.
  • Please note that a 3% non-refundable fee will be applied to your purchase amount in this round.

Booster 4 Round (Community Round) — September 16tht, 10AM UTC — sold out

  • Everyone is welcome to participate (both stakers and non-stakers).
  • This round only takes place if there are remaining tokens from the Booster 3 round.
  • The allocation is based on the ‘First-Come, First-Served’ principle.
  • Booster 4 rounds remain open until all tokens are sold out or until the day prior to the token listing.
  • Please note that a 5% non-refundable fee will be applied to your purchase amount in this round.


In order to enhance investor protection, we’re introducing a refund policy at Kommunitas. If, post-listing, the token price falls below the Initial KOMmunity Offering (IKO) price for over 24 hours within a 48-hour timeframe, we will offer a full refund option to the IKO participants. We’ll verify this by referencing the Dextools H1 chart for tokens listed on both DEX and CEX, or the larger CEX’s H1 chart for tokens listed across multiple CEXes.
In simple terms, we’ll check the token’s hourly chart and draw a line at the IKO price. If more than 24 out of 48 bars show the opening and closing price below the IKO price, we consider the project has failed to maintain its price, triggering a full refund option. If fewer than 24 bars are below the IKO price, the project has had a successful listing, and we’ll release funds based on the initial vesting percentage. However, the project still needs to ensure the price doesn’t fall below the IKO price for 3 consecutive days until 50% of their tokens are unlocked. This rule doesn’t apply to non-Priority Projects or projects with an initial vesting schedule of 50% or more.
Here’s your guide to participating in the Blockchain With Environment Initial KOMmunity Offering (IKO) on Kommunitas!
1 .Acquire KOM Tokens: Your first step is to purchase KOM tokens, which are integral to participating in the IKO. If you’re unsure about where and how to purchase $KOM tokens, don’t worry! Check out the following link for a comprehensive guide:
2. Stake Your KOM: Stake your KOM tokens in any of our staking pools. Keep in mind that this is a locked staking scenario, but it comes with rewarding returns. You can check out our staking FAQs for more information:
3. Once you stake more than 3,000 KOM tokens, you’ll be awarded 1 KOMV (KOM Voting) Token. This will allow you to vote in Booster 1 of each Public Sale. For those interested in Private Sales, a minimum stake of 500,000 KOM is required.
4. Don’t forget, you need to stake and cast your vote before the end of the ‘Last Staking and Voting Period’, which is detailed in each upcoming project’s information.
5. Cast Your Vote Now that you’ve staked your KOM tokens, it’s time to vote for the project.
6. Grab Your Allocation: When the subscription window opens, you can purchase your allocation. Remember, the more KOM tokens you’ve staked, the larger the allocation you’re eligible for.